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How to block inSync backups over VPN if the user is connected through blocked network

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If the user adds a specific network in the Blocked Networks list and uses the same network to connect the organization resources through VPN, it is inSync’s expected behavior to allow backup through the blocked network. 

This article provides instructions to disable inSync backups when the users are connected to the VPN through a blocked network. 

This procedure is applicable for inSync Client version 6.5.0 and later installed on Windows Operating System.

Disable inSync backups on VPN

  1. Establish a VPN connection on the user's device. 
  2. Open the Windows command-line interface and run the ipconfig /all command.
  3. When you see the desired results, the VPN network-friendly name is visible on the Ethernet adapter and its Description.
    In the following instance, it is ‘PANGP’.

    Note: The customer may have a different VPN network-friendly name for eg ; ‘Cisco AnyConnect’.
  4. Once you have the correct string that needs to be blocked, create a CloudOps JIRA ticket to update this string in the  BLOCKED_VPN_NETWORKS in the customer settings table to block backup on VPN. Refer CLOUDOPS-18376

  5. Once the CloudOps team updates the Configuration DB with the provided values, inSync backups will no longer occur over VPN through a blocked network.

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