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Cloud Apps FAQs


Can I use a normal User to configure Cloud Apps backup?

No. You will need to use an Admin Account for the associated CloudApps (Exchange Admin or Google Admin) which at least has a read access to all the users.

How can we change or add storage locations in the Druva Cloud?

Druva's (AWS) infrastructure is available globally, you can choose and request Storage regions change as per your convenience to your respective Account Manager.

Manually triggered Cloud Apps backups succeed, but scheduled backups fail.

Scheduled Cloud Apps backups succeed  if both the below conditions are satisfied:

If the above conditions are satisfied, but backups continue to fail, contact Druva Technical Support

I do not see the Mappings tab in Data Sources > Cloud Apps page.

This feature may be disabled for your Cloud Instance. Please contact Druva Technical Support.  for this request.

Do we require a separate License for Cloud Apps?

Yes. You can contact your Account Manager or  Druva Technical Support for more information.

Is SharePoint needed for Microsoft 365 Backups?

Yes. SharePoint configuration is required for Microsoft 365 backups. Hence, we require Microsoft 365 Subscription which includes SharePoint.

I have Microsoft 365 Home Subscription. Can I configure Microsoft 365 backups using inSync?

No. You must have Business Subscription which includes Exchange and SharePoint Online License.

I do not see all the content under restore on the admin page.

Please refer below articles for the details of data that is backed up from GApps and Microsoft 365.

Can Administrators restore emails to the user's device?

Administrators cannot restore the data on user’s machine. However, they can restore emails to user’s Cloud App account directly.

Users are not able to see Microsoft 365 data on restore page.

Users can see only OneDrive data in the user’s restore page. All other Cloud Apps data is accessible to the Administrators and not to the users  by default.

Can an administrator restore data from one Cloud App account to another?

Yes. An Administrator can restore data from one Cloud App account to any other inSync user’s Cloud App account.

Is there a way to view the actual progress of a Gmail backup, as one can see in case of Google Drive backups?


Can we specify a different user instead of the original user to restore Google Drive data?

The data can be restored only to the original user's device. 

What is the solution to recover the Gmail/Google Drives data of a user who has separated from our enterprise?

You need to reactivate the user's inSync and Google accounts. The user must have an inSync account to back up the Google data (Gmail/GDrive). For restore, Druva recommends restoring the Gmail data to a new mailbox, instead of restoring it to the user's existing mailbox.

As an inSync administrator, do I need to move the user configured under CloudApps to a different profile?

If CloudApps is enabled on a profile and then configured under the CloudApps page, only the users who are configured under Microsoft 365/Google Workspace will consume the CloudApps licenses. Even if it is only a part of users from the profile. 

Example: A profile has 100 users that have inSync installed on their devices. Out of them, 30 users have CloudApps configured for them. If the Administrator enables CloudApps on the profile, only 30 CloudApps licenses will be consumed and CloudApps devices for those 30 users will be created.

What options are available for customizing or scheduled reports?

You can customize reports and view the relevant data related to activities that occur in inSync by using Report APIs.

Benefits of using inSync Report APIs are as follows:

  • Customize and obtain reports that display data as per your requirement.

  • Get a holistic view of system usage such as the ability to fetch historical data, filter data based on specific activities, and so on.

Please refer Druva API documentation for the list of inSync Report APIs.

About schedule of reports, all inSync administrators receive the reports as per their defined schedule in the inSync Management Console.

Additionally, you can configure inSync to automatically send inSync report notifications to such non-administrator users also. For more information about Reports, refer this article.

Can we get access to more detailed logs than what's available on the UI for tracking and troubleshooting?

Yes, you can download the user logs from inSync Management Console as following -

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users.
  2. Select a user > click More > Click on Download Debug Logs.

This will download the backup and restore logs for Device, Exchange Online, and One Drive logs associated with the user.

General FAQs

What is the pricing model? We would be strictly looking at inSync for  Microsoft 365, and Salesforce. Is there a cost per user, per GB?

Regarding the pricing model, you need to get in touch with our Sales Team.

What type of compliance and certifications does Druva have?

We are SOC2 SOC 3, ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, ITAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP, FIPS, FISMA, and others certifications. 

For more information, contact Druva Support.