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Object exclusions set under “Custom Child Object” selection window does not exclude the objects from the Data Template


Problem description

Under Data Templates -> query based selection -> Add Query -> selecting the child level as “Custom” opens up the following window for child object selection: 


Here, you can exclude certain objects as shown below: 



However, when you click on “Add to Data Template”, some of these excluded objects still get added to the data template.



  • By default, we include the parent records related to objects which we select from custom dropdown as part of child object selection.

  • The selection of a child record always includes the parent records as a child record cannot exist without the parent (i.e. orphan records).

  • The “Custom Child Object Selection” window is meant to allow the user to identify which child objects they want to include during the discovery process (some objects are pre-selected when you first open the window because they are part of the parent hierarchy as well as the child hierarchy)



  1. Select the required children and save the selection.

  2. Once selected -> under the Data Template Settings -> click the ‘Exclude Objects’ tab as shown below: 


  1. Click the checkbox next to the object and click on the “Exclude” button to exclude the object’s selection from the data template.

  2. Once the unwanted objects are excluded, click on the “Add to data template” button to start the discovery process.

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