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How to restore System App settings and backup data?

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This article explains the steps to perform System App settings restore. These steps apply when you are trying to activate the client manually.


  • Consider a scenario where User has a single device named “KALPESH-PC”.
  • User has to reimage the device.

Now, User wants to retrieve the data back to this reimaged device along with the system app settings. (Persona restore)

  • User installs the inSync Client and activates it.
  • User will get the following window on the client machine.


  • The above window would basically mean that User has activated a device which has the same hostname as it used earlier i.e KALPESH-PC. (This applies only for fresh installations of inSync Cloud and On-premise 5.5 and above.)
  • User can then select the option to restore “All backup data” and/or “System and application settings”.


  • Consider another scenario, where the new device does not have the same host name as the previous one. In this case User will see the below window.


  • If User wants to perform a persona restore (system and application settings), then he needs to select the option to “Replace my existing device” post which User will see the following window.



  • User can then select the device (if he has multiple devices) and choose the option to restore “All backup data” and/or “System and application settings”.
  • This will restore the selected options and will replace the KALPESH-PC with the new device name for example-TEST.

Note: User will not lose the restore points of the previous device i.e KALPESH-PC.

  • Alternatively, if the User does not wish to replace the device and wants to add a new device with the data restored from the previous device along with the system app settings, he can select the option to “Add as new device”




  • The same window pops up and User can choose to select the option he likes.
  • This will add a new device along with the existing device.

Note: For steps of automated activation, refer the following link.