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User data restore is failing

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Problem description

User Data restore fails if destination drive does not exist or user does not have proper permissions.


User does not have proper permissions on drive as well as path where the restore is attempted.



[2021-11-16 21:53:34,845] [INFO] Original destination path for restore: F:\/

[2021-11-16 21:53:34,845] [INFO] Restore id:30091793 starting restore walk

[2021-11-16 21:53:34,845] [ERROR] Failed to restore ..

[2021-11-16 21:53:34,846] [ERROR] Error <class 'inSyncLib.inSyncError.SyncError'>:Atleast one destination folder can not be created. (#100000161). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):

File "inSyncLib\inSyncRestore.pyc", line 1396, in restore_walk

File "inSyncLib\inSyncRestore.pyc", line 2429, in check_permissions

SyncError: Atleast one destination folder can not be created. (#100000161)



  • Destination drive should exist.

  • The user should have complete permissions on the drive as well as path.


 Once the permissions are assigned, restore will work and complete.

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