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How to create a support case?


This procedure provides the steps to create a support case on Druva products from Druva Support Portal ( Ensure you have authentic credentials to log in to the support portal.

While filling the case form, the support portal suggests references from knowledge articles, documentation references, videos, and discussion links based on your case subject. The references are displayed under Related Resources alongside the case form. These references can help you to resolve your issue without creating a case. You can proceed to create a case if the references do not serve your purpose.



Create a support case

  1. Log in to the Druva Support Portal.

  2. Click the sticky Submit Case menu on the portal.


    The form to submit a new case is displayed.
  3. Enter the case details as specified in the table below. All fields on the form are mandatory.

    Form field Description


    Specify the product name on which you want to submit a case. Select from:

    • CloudRanger
    • Phoenix Cloud
    • inSync Cloud
    • inSync On-Premise
    Subject Provide an appropriate title to your case.


    Assign a priority level to your case based on your urgency:

    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Critical
    Case Type

    Specify the case type based on the source of the issue.

    • Licensing
    • Technical
    Description Enter the case description and provide the product logs if available.
    Attachment Attach files associated with your support case.
  4.  After all the fields are filled, click Submit.

 For critical issues that affect your business and need immediate action, Druva recommends that you create a support case and call Druva Support. Please ensure that you have the support case number handy when you call Druva Support. For information about Druva Support phone numbers, see