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Disable inSync users marked for deletion under Active Directory

This article applies to:

  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Product edition: inSync On-Premise


This article contains instructions on disabling inSync users that have been disabled in the active directory. inSync administrators might find this article useful. 


An Active Directory (AD) authenticates users and computers across a Windows domain network. Upon the departure of employees from your organization, you might delete or disable their user accounts depending on your organization’s policy.

The inSync Server periodically matches users imported from AD with the list of users in your organization’s AD. If the inSync Server discovers that some users in the AD are deleted, it disables the inSync accounts of those users.

However, if your organization’s policy mandates user accounts in your AD to be disabled in addition to getting deleted, you must set the inSync Server to respond to disabled users instead of deleted users. To do this, you modify theinSyncServer.cfg (Windows) or inSyncServer.conf (Linux) file.

To disable inSync users:

1. Stop the inSync Server.

2. On inSync Server, locate the inSyncServer file.

  • (Windows): C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSyncCloud\inSyncServer.cfg
  • (Linux): /etc/inSyncCloud/inSyncServer.conf

3. Open inSyncServer in a word editor.


5. Save your changes.

6. Start the inSync Server.

Note: inSync Server now performs these actions:

  • If AD users are deleted, inSync Server disables the corresponding user accounts
  • If AD users are disabled, inSync Server disables the corresponding user accounts