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Get critical inSync alerts directly on Teams

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This article describes the steps to get critical inSync alerts Teams. By default, all the administrators get email notification of critical alerts like AD connection status, Cloud apps status etc. This configuration will help you to get those alerts on Microsoft Teams channel for better visibility.



  • Step 1: Create a Teams channel > Click on three dots > Click on manage team


  • Step 2: Go to Channels tab > Click on three dots next to General and click Get email address and copy the email address.



  • Step 4: Go to Manage Administrators > create an administrator with name ‘Teams Channel Alerts’


  • Step5: Go to Manage Alerts and click on Settings and Subscriptions.

  • Step 6: Select any critical alert and click on Edit.

  • Step 7 : Under Send email notifications to (subscribers), add the Teams channel Alerts administrator > Click Save.

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