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How to Geo-locate any device with inSync(workflow)

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When a device is lost or stolen, being able to quickly locate it helps organizations minimize concerns about lost productivity and data vulnerability. With inSync, IT can track the location of any endpoint for quick recovery or remote wipe, reducing the need to replace devices and giving organizations peace of mind.

  • Accurate geo-location tracking within 10-20 meters
  • Google Maps interface provides details such as street, city, state, and country
  • Displays the last-known IP address of every device


inSync in collaboration with SKYHOOK gets this job done easily. Device tracking is performed in the following manner: (Workflow)

  • Checks for Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Checks for any GSM adapter from which it can determine location.
  • Checks for Broadcom GPS.
  • Checks for GOBI API (GOPI GPS adapter) to get location details.
  • Checks for Novotel GPS.
  • Checks for Win32GPSAdapter.
  • If the above points don’t work, it then uses IP location from server to determine the approximate location.

Note: The workflow/points mentioned in the following diagram are followed serially.