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Compaction fails showing key error with old IP address

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This article applies to:

OS: Windows and Linux

Product edition: inSync On-Premise

Problem description

Compaction fails due to following error where it shows Key error with old IP address
Internal Document (Only for Druva Support Engineers)


Backup fails with traceback (inSyncCloudServer.log) as follows:-
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,808] [INFO] Storage compact of storage=9 to 
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,885] [INFO] Compacting device(19 out of 57) did=54, uid=12 of storage=9 
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,901] [INFO] Done compaction [Daily] for storage(id:9 name:iSCSI Storage 2016-1) customer_id:0 
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,901] [INFO] Done compaction for storage iSCSI Storage 2016-1. 
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,901] [ERROR] Compaction: doStorageCompact has been failed for storage:9. Error:''. 
[2016-10-07 00:30:57,901] [ERROR] Error <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'192.x.x.x'. Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "inSyncSrv\inSyncCompact.pyc", line 234, in __storageCompact 
File "inSyncSrv\inSyncCompact.pyc", line 358, in __doStorageCompact 
File "inSyncSrv\inSyncCompact.pyc", line 481, in __compactDevices 
File "inSyncSrv\inSyncCompact.pyc", line 889, in process 
File "inSyncSrv\inSyncCompact.pyc", line 473, in __compactDevice 
File "Lib\CloudMasterTasks.pyc", line 571, in device_compact 
File "Lib\CloudMasterTasks.pyc", line 2494, in _device_compact 
File "Lib\CloudMasterTasks.pyc", line 2221, in _get_nodeconn 
KeyError: '192.x.x.x' 

Note: IP shown in the above traceback would defer as per your environment


 References of old IP address are present in the inSync Configuration.


  1. Stop the inSync Services (All 3 Services).
  2. Make sure no processes are running in Task Manager.
  3. Check whether the old IP address is present in inSyncCloudServer.cfg. If yes, take a backup of the old .cfg file and then replace the old IP address with new IP (See Embedded mySQL server with inSyncServer for reference).
  4. Take a Backup of MySQL DB.
  5. Open command prompt with Administrator rights.
  6. Connect to MySQL using the command line and verify if there are old IP addresses in Zone, edge_ip and description. If yes, replace the old IP with new IP address.
  7. Check the task table for old IP address entries and replace them with new IP address. Use the following steps to replace the entries:


  1. Connect to MySQL and use the following command.
    select id, type, sid, uid, status, worker from task;

    If you know the old IP address, you can also write the query in the following manner.
    select id, type, sid, status from task where worker="IP Address";
  2. To delete these stale tasks, you can run the following command.
    delete from task where worker="IP Address";
  3. Start the inSync Services and wait for the storage to come up healthy.
  4. Run the Manual Compaction and verify whether the compaction completes successfully.