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Troubleshooting VC++ error during installation

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During installation of inSync client on a Windows client you will see the below error:



This occurs when there are multiple versions of Microsoft VC++ applications already installed which cause a conflict.


Please perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

DISCLAIMER: Steps given below will require you to uninstall all versions of Microsoft VC++ applications, which generally do not cause any issues. However, any dependent third party programs maybe affected.
  1. Launch the “Add/Remove Programs” from Control Panel on the client.
  2. Locate Microsoft VC++ applications and uninstall all of them one by one.
  3. Reboot the client device, this is an absolute must.
  4. After reboot, install the inSync client application. This time it will succeed.

NOTE: In scenarios where inSync client installation fails even after the reboot step, then you can manually download and install applicable release of Microsoft VC++ and then install the inSync client. For quick reference, download links are given below: