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NAS Backup failed after changing the credentials for NAS device

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NAS Backup failed after changing the credentials for the NAS device


NAS credentials were updated and post which the backup failed with error Phoenix 370. Error: Client internal error [mkdir /mnt file exists]. You need to check backup logs for additional information.


level=error ts=2021-10-07T02:00:32.089372235-04:00 filename=mount_unix.go:162 message="Unable to Unmount network path." path=/mnt/NAS/mountpoint/abc
level=error ts=2021-10-07T02:00:32.110653488-04:00 filename=backup_agent.go:173 message="Failed to mount NAS Share"
level=error ts=2021-10-07T02:00:33.670985083-04:00 layer=main message="Backup Failed" error="mkdir /mnt: file exists"


  1. Login to the NAS proxy.
  2.  Shares are mounted under: /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/ <mount name>.
  3. To check for the stale entries of any mounted shares,  run the command : df -h. This will give us an output for stale file handles for /mnt on NAS proxy.
  4. Unmount the share with this command: umount /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/<mount name>
  5. Initiate a backup after doing the above steps.

Note : Reboot will help in this condition if you are able to unmount the drive. 

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