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Updating CloudFormation stack gives error: CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner

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Problem description

If an Account- level access admin is trying to update the CloudFormation stack of already registered AWS account on CR  then the following error is observed 
“Updating CloudFormation stack gives error: "CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner" - CREATE_FAILED "The following resource(s) failed to create: [CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner]"


  • Only an Org level admin account would be able to update the cloud formation stack without any issues.
  • An Org level admin would be able to promote the Account level access admin with the Org admin access by registering the admin account under the Organization settings.
  • An account level access admin may check with their internal team to figure out who has got the Org admin access and ask those Org level admins to promote the user to an Org level admin.
  • If the account level admin isn’t aware who has got Org level access, create a support ticket and the support team can provide the list of admins who has got Org level admin access 

How to add the admin account under Organization level access


  • After gaining Org Admin access, the newly promoted Org admin would now be able to update the cloudformation stack of the registered AWS accounts on the CR console.
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