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Update of CloudFormation stack fails with error: "CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner" - CREATE FAILED

Problem description

Attempting to update the CloudFormation stack in AWS fails with the following error:

"CloudRangerInitializeSNSProvisioner" - CREATE_FAILED

This error indicates that the following resources failed to create in your AWS environment:


 You can monitor the stack in the Events tab on your AWS console:



This error may occur when the administrator attempting to update the CloudFormation stack only has account-level access and has not been granted organization-level access on Druva CloudRanger. In other words, privileges to create or update the CloudFormation stack have not been granted.


Ensure that you have been granted Organization-level access, or have administrator privileges to update the CloudFormation stack within the logged-in Organization. If your current privileges only allow Account-level updates, you may request an Organization administrator to upgrade your role on Druva CloudRanger. 

To grant or verify administrator access:

  •  Log into your Druva CloudRanger console and select the Organization for which you wish to grant member access.
  • Click the gear icon on the top navigation bar to navigate to the Organization Settings.

    Org Settings_Admin.png
  • Navigate to the Members section and select or verify that the Access type is set to admin.  Click Save.