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Cannot add resources to DR Plan


Problem description

Under the DR plan while adding the Resources the resources section is grayed out.


The VPC(s) selected in the source environment does not have any resources (EC2/RDS) residing in those VPC(s).



  • Check the source environment plan and see if the selected VPC(s) have any resources attached to it on the AWS side.
  • Select only the VPC(s) in the source environment which has resources residing in it.
  • Update the source environment under the “Environments” option 
    • Edit the source environment which you have created for DR plan
    • Here Select  the VPCs, subnets and security  for which the resource are residing for and save the settings
    • Click Save environment
  • Once the source environment is updated with the VPCs that actually consist of resources go back to DR plan and here now you would be able to add the resources under the DR plan.