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How to perform CloudRanger sync operation

This article applies to:

  • Product edition: CloudRanger


CloudRanger Sync is used to synchronize your AWS environment with CloudRanger. This is required when you have created a new EC2 instance, RDS Instance, Redshift Cluster,  and so on in your AWS environment and want them to be visible under the Resources section in CloudRanger. This is also used to remove stale Resources that you have already removed from your AWS environment, but are still be visible in CloudRanger.

A CloudRanger Sync is useful especially when you want to back up a newly created resource using CloudRanger by adding it directly to the backup policy using the resource name.

Perform a CloudRanger Sync

  1. Login to the CloudRanger console.
  2. Click the Sync icon. The AWS account sync process starts for all the resources.


    A checkmark is displayed against the resource name when the sync completes. Newly added resources also appear on the console after the sync.