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FLS indexing jobs are failing with Instance terminated early error


Problem description

If FLS instances do not have S3 connectivity the following issue occurs “ FLS indexing jobs are failing with error - "Instance terminated early - please ensure FLS Network settings allow s3 connectivity for the indexer instances."


To ensure subnet's selected allow the temporary FLS instances access to your S3 bucket
follow these steps:

  • Select a subnet which resides inside a VPC that has an endpoint to S3.

Note: the region of the endpoint must match the region of the S3 bucket.

How to add an S3 endpoint to your VPC.

  • Go to VPC Management in the AWS Console AWS VPC
  • Choose endpoints from the left menu bar
  • Click create endpoint
  • For service name - choose 'com.amazonaws.[your-region].s3'
  • Select a VPC containing a subnet you wish to use for the FLS indexer instance.
  • Select a route table associated with your subnet
  • Click Create Endpoint.


  • Use a public subnet which has public internet access.


  • If using a private subnet - an Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway, NAT device or other must be used to allow S3 access. 
  • You would be able to see these Network settings under the Account setting page on the CR console . 
  • Go to the account settings page on the CR console( .Here under "network settings" you would see the View S3 Access guide hyperlink and would be able to see the steps that CloudRanger has recommended.
  • If possible try to use a public subnet that has public internet access save this setting under the account setting page and then try FLS
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