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Login Error Couldn’t complete your authentication request

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Problem description

Even after multiple resets of passwords unable to login to the CR console and gets below error
“Couldn’t complete your authentication request. Please try again after closing all open dialogs”


  • This error means that a session is missing for your user account. 
  • The most common cause is a user attempting to log in through a bookmarked login page that has expired. 
  • The user should be accessing the '/authorize' endpoint through a redirect (typically provided by a login button). 
  • This could be resolved by setting a default login route to redirect users who are using a bookmark.
  • This can also happen if the user begins authentication in two browser tabs, logs out of a tab that has successfully authenticated, then attempts to complete authentication in the other tab.


  • Refrain to use a bookmarked CR login page link inorder to get in.
  • Make sure there aren’t multiple authentication session in two browsers tabs.
  • Open an incognito window browser -> enter the login URL
  • And here you will now be able to login with the new reset credentials.


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