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How to increase the page size output result for the CloudRanger event API

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Problem description

Unable to get all the results in one page for a Cloudranger event API executed on the postman tool


The by default page size set for Cloudranger event API view is set as 30.
Due to which even though you are aware there are more than 30 count results you are only displayed the first 30 results at a time and unable to view the rest of the information count.


If you are trying to retrieve all the account details from your Cloudranger instance.For e.g 120 accounts details you are only provided the result of  the first 30 accounts only and the rest isn’t displayed.
You will see only 30 results for this and the rest is not displayed


You will have to  add additional parameter ?pageSize=<number value> at the end of the event API and then execute it. 
In this way you can override the by default pagesize limit set.
This will help to provide you all the result count for more than 30 result.This parameter can be added across all the CR event API link



This will display all the accounts within 200 range