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Failed to register Windows File Server agent on Phoenix Cloud after providing activation code

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Problem description

Phoenix Management Console displays registration error during registration of Phoenix File Server Agent after providing the activation code.

Error displayed:  Error Registering Phoenix Server. Error: Internal error. (#100000001)


This issue might occur due to the Firewall enabled on the server. 


Perform the following checks to isolate and resolve this issue:

  • Check if the token was copied correctly from the Phoenix Cloud server.
  • Check if you are using an old token which has expired. Check from Phoenix Cloud Server > Manage > Activation token list.
  • Review the firewall settings on the server where you have installed Phoenix Agent. 

To resolve this issue, make sure you have created a rule with * for port 443 traffic for all Phoenix related communication.
This will help to register the server successfully and configure it for backup on Phoenix Cloud Server.