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File Server backups from Linux server fail with Phoenix322 error

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This article applies to:

  • OS: Linux
  • Product: Phoenix

Problem description

The file server backups fail with PHOENIX322 error.


The local host entry with loopback IP address is missing in the /etc/hosts file.


[2019-10-28 21:56:09,821] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> Error while backing up share root. Error: Failed to start walk forroot (#100000142) (Error Code : PHOENIX322)
[2019-10-28 21:56:09,821] [ERROR] <_MainThread(MainThread)> Error <class 'inSyncLib.inSyncError.SyncError'>:Failed to start walk forroot (#100000142) (Error Code : PHOENIX322). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
File "agents/fileagent/", line 718, in process_backup_start
File "agents/fileagent/", line 143, in __start_data_upload
File "roboClientLib/", line 2479, in start_fileset_data_upload
File "roboClientLib/", line 2443, in __start_fileset_upload
File "roboClientLib/", line 943, in estimate
File "roboClientLib/", line 936, in __do_estimate
File "scanner/", line 340, in estimate
File "scanner/", line 311, in _start_walk
File "inSyncLib/", line 29, in raise_error
SyncError: Failed to start walk forroot (#100000142) (Error Code : PHOENIX322)


To resolve the issue please add the local host entry in the etc/hosts files with the loopback IP address.     localhost

If the issue persists, check the  Phoenix Errors page or contact Druva Support.

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