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How to restore vCenter/ESXi across organizations in different storage regions

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This article provides steps to restore a vCenter/ESXi host registered in one organization to another vCenter/ESXi host in another organization across in another region.

Assumptions: The procedure is described with the following assumptions:

Source: Organization-1: vCenter-APAC
Destination: Organization-2 : vCenter-EMEA

Restore vCenter\ESXi across organizations 


  1. Select the Organization1 – APAC > Protect > VMware > Register New Setup  and copy the Token.
  2. Deploy new vCenter/Standalone backup proxy on vCenter-EMEA.
  3. While configuring the proxy, give the IP address/CName/FQDN of the vCenter-EMEA and paste the copied token.
    Give a unique name or IP to the vCenter/ESXi host.
  4. Once vCenter-EMEA appears with the IP address/name under Organization1 – APAC,  restore the desired VM by selecting the option Restore to an alternate location.
  5. Once the restore is complete, delete the newly deployed backup proxy and IP address entry of the vCenter-EMEA from the Organization1 – APAC.
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