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How to change the agent metadata location on the Linux server to avoid backup failures

Problem description

  • When you install Phoenix agents on your servers, the Phoenix folder is created under /var/Phoenix/FS.
  • The size of the metadata depends on the size of the data that is backed up or restored.
  • With each backup or restore, the metadata grows.
  • If the metadata consumes nearly all the free space on your volume, backups from the servers might fail. To avoid this issue, consider changing the default location of the agent metadata.


Change the agent metadata location

  1. Stop the Phoenix service.
    service Phoenix stop
  2. Copy the folder to the desired location.
    cp -R /var/Phoenix  /abc/xyz/Phoenix
  3. Keep a backup until the backup starts writing to the changed location.
    mv /var/Phoenix  /var/Phoenix_Moved  
  4. Create a link.
    ln -s /abc/xyz/Phoenix /var/Phoenix
  5. Stop the Phoenix service.
    service Phoenix start
  6. Start the backup and you will see that the timestamp of the new location changes, this means metadata is written to the new location.
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