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VMware VM backups fails with Phoenix 1 Internal Error


Problem description

VMWARE VM backups fail with Phoenix 1 Internal Error


Request you to verify the Phoenix and VDDK Logs for further errors


[2021-12-28 23:45:50,521] [ERROR] PhoenixApiCore: Error while stream write for stream data_6000C293-059a-ad9d-52fa-f4f080e3faf7 at offset=12749635584. Error: Internal error. (#100000001) (Error Code : PHOENIX1)



2021-12-29T23:03:42.476+05:30| host-10443| I125: 2021-12-29T23:03:42.476+05:30 warning -[10443] [Originator@6876 sub=cleanup] Could not unmount /tmp/vmware-root/42317aeb-2f5e-de60-866b-abcf40e78fd3-vm-6407/hotadd: Internal error occurred.

2021-12-29T23:14:41.808+05:30| host-10443| I125: 2021-12-29T23:14:41.808+05:30 warning -[10443] [Originator@6876 sub=cleanup] Could not unmount /tmp/vmware-root/42317aeb-2f5e-de60-866b-abcf40e78fd3-vm-6407/hotadd: Internal error occurred.


Manually unmount the VMDK from a backup proxy through vCenter.

Steps to unmount a VMDK from a virtual machine

  • Power off the backup proxy.

  • Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.

  • Verify the Hard Disk by Disk File information.

  • Once the Hard Disk is verified you wish to remove it an X icon will appear on the right side of the selected line (DO NOT select option Delete files from data store).

  • Click on the X icon to remove the disk.

  • Press OK.


Run the backup verify the solution.

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