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The SQL Resource Name will display first 15 characters if the SQL server hostname contains more than 15 characters

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Problem description

If the server name has more than 15 characters , the resource name in the Phoenix console Under “All SQL Resources” will display first 15 characters


The computer name is greater than the maximum 15 characters that is allowed for the NetBios name by Microsoft. Since the SQL Server will use the NetBios name to identify its instances (i.e., NetBios-name/Instance-name), the limitation also affects the SQL Server.


The C:\ProgramData\Phoenix\main_service.log file show below information fetched by the  Microsoft VSS API’s at the time of discovery

[2022-11-17 02:29:14,753] [INFO] VssHelper: SQL Server info: [{u'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA':


  • As noted in the below Microsoft document, the computer name is limited to a maximum of 15 characters
  • Naming conventions in Active Directory for computers, domains, sites, and OUs
  • When a Microsoft SQL Server is installed on the system, it will use the NetBios computer name for the SQL Server name.During SQL instance discovery, VSS API’s fetch the first 15 characters of the SQL instance
  • Because of this, the last character gets truncated in the SQL resource name in the Phoenix console
  • It is recommended to ensure that the computer name is within the 1-15 characters limit that is supported by Microsoft