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How to access the GovCloud for Hybrid Workloads/inSync for Dell Customers.

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GovCloud access for Dell customers.

How to access the Hybrid Workloads/inSync GovCloud instance for Dell Customers.



There are two separate Gov production environments, as mentioned below:

  1.  Federal cloud or inSync GovCloud :
    This production environment has DCP + inSync. The Hybrid Workloads cloud is not linked to this environment as it is not yet FedRAMP compliant.
  2. FIPS cloud or the Hybrid Workloads GovCloud:
    This comprises DCP + Hybrid Workloads. The inSync cloud is not linked to this environment. 

Login URLs

The URL to login to the Federal cloud is, where Hybrid Workloads is not configured .

The URL to login to the FIPS cloud is  inSync is not configured on this environment.

Note : We can't link a Hybrid Workloads FIPS cloud  customer to the Federal cloud inSync customer, as these are separate cloud environments.


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