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App-Aware backup failed with Windows error: [Error2]The system cannot find the file specified

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Problem description

VMWare App-aware backup is getting “successful with error” status in progress log, and SQL server snapshot for app-aware is getting failed with Windows [Error2] The system cannot find the file specified.


  • The database MDF file has a blank space ” “ before the file name in it.

Eg: “ database_name.MDF” instead of “database_name.MDF”. 

  • This was not getting recognized by the windows system while presenting to the Druva.
  • This was getting presented as “D:\\databasepath\\database_name.MDF” and while running the discovery process it was not able to find the same path as it’s actually not the absolute path of the file. 


Backup Log:
2022-08-30 02:35:29,267] [ERROR] Got error while taking SQL snapshot.
[2022-08-30 02:35:29,285] [WARNING] Error occurred while taking SQL snapshot 4295032853 Got error while taking SQL snapshot.: Application aware backup would have just VM backup and would complete with Successful with errors

SQL App-Aware log :
[2022-08-30 02:35:24,441] [ERROR] Error in Executing sql discovery
[2022-08-30 02:35:24,457] [ERROR] Error <type 'exceptions.WindowsError'>:[Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified: u'D:\\DATABASES\\PFMEINS003\\DATA\\UMDB_ID_EUCLID_DATA.MDF'. Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
File "app_aware_lib\sql\sqlguestplugin\", line 845, in run_discovery
File "app_aware_lib\sql\sqlguestplugin\", line 652, in get_discovery_info
File "app_aware_lib\sql\sqlguestplugin\", line 690, in _get_instances_info
File "app_aware_lib\sql\sqlguestplugin\", line 711, in _add_db_size_in_all_db_info_dict
File "app_aware_lib\sql\sqlguestplugin\", line 729, in _calculate_db_size
WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified: u'D:\\DATABASES\\PFMEINS003\\DATA\\UMDB_ID_EUCLID_DATA.MDF'


  • Need to correct the database name and remove the white space from the prefix of the database file.
  • During the Detach and reattach process customer was getting an alert as” the file existed in the directory”  Windows was considering the white space and without white space path as same.

Note: Customer needs to involve Windows and SQL Server to perform this as this need to detach and reattach the database.