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Encrypted VM backup shows the Invalid configuration for device error on VMWare backup proxy

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Problem description

Phoenix supports backup of encrypted virtual machines using the HotAdd and NBDSSL transport types. The error Invalid configuration for device is visible under the backup proxy status in vCenter. This error is displayed only while backing up encrypted VMs. The encrypted VMs have an encryption policy. The backups and restores of these VMs may be successful. However, you may see the error To backup encrypted disk we need encrypted VM.

To determine if the VM/disk is encrypted or not

Click the VM and then navigate to Summary > Hard Disk1

encrypted VM.png

Error displayed on the Task Console of vCenter/vSphere of the backup proxy
Status: Invalid configuration for device ‘0’.
Error Stack: An encrypted virtual disk device requires an encrypted virtual machine.


Ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The transport mode of the backup proxy must be set to HOTADD / NBDSSL.

Note:  Phoenix uses HotAdd as the default transport mode. 

  • The encryption policy applied to the backup proxy must be the same as the policy applied to the encrypted VM.  Ensure that the policy is the same and then retry the backup.

Applying an encryption policy to a backup proxy

Click the backup proxy and then navigate to Actions > Edit Settings > VM Options > Encryption > Encrypt VM, and then select the encryption policy. 
Edit VM settings.png

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