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VMware FLR does not retain modified date to the restored folders

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Problem description

The folder or directory does not retain the timestamp when using VMware FLR. However, by default, it is performed successfully on files stored in the same folder or directory.


Config parameter is not defined on the configuration file named “Phoenix.cfg” which is stored on the location “/etc/Phoenix”


1. Log in to your VMware backup proxy or proxies.

2. Stop the service by running the below command:

/etc/init.d/Phoenix stop

3. Go to /etc/Phoenix/ and edit the Phoenix.cfg file and add the below config parameter without quotes “PRESERVE_FOLDER_TIMESTAMP = True” at the end of the file and save it

4. Start the service

/etc/init.d/Phoenix start

5. Trigger the VMware FLR again

Include and exclude filters

Include the config parameter without quotes. “PRESERVE_FOLDER_TIMESTAMP = True”


Verify the new config parameter entry should be added as required on Phoenix.cfg

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