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How to collect Proxy Deployer Logs from the First Proxy Deployer tool

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This article describes how to gather debug logs when the first backup proxy deployment fails using the first proxy deployer tool. This article describes manual and auto-generated logs collection. You can then share these debug logs with support. 

Procedure title

Auto-generated logs collection

  1. In the Druva Proxy Deployer utility, click Download Logs to download the proxy deployer logs.

Download Logs.png

  1. You will see a message Logs downloaded successfully to the downloads folder on your computer when the download is complete. The Downloads folder is the default download location when you click Download Logs

    Logs downloaded successfully.png
  2. Navigate to the Downloads folder. You will see a zipped log with the name in the format DruvaProxyDeployerLogs.Timestamp.log

    Downloaded Logs.png

    The timestamp helps you determine the point in time when you downloaded the logs.

Manual log collection

  1. If you are unable to download the logs using the Proxy Deployer Utility, navigate to the C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp folder. The folder location is highlighted in the image below.

Log location temp.png

Note: You may have changed the location if the default location was low on free disk space.

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp\ProxyDeploy\<Number>\Logs folder. For example, folder 21260 contains the logs as illustrated below.

    Temp log location.png
  2. Zip these logs and share them with support.
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