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Windows File server backup stays in Queued where Pre-scripts are added in the policy

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Problem description

  • By design, when the File server backup starts which has Pre/Postscript in the policy, it stays in Queued until the script execution gets completed.

  • This Queued condition can happen to Schedule as well as for Backup Now operation.


Possible Solutions in case the backups stay in QUEUED status

  • Make sure the Pre-Script location mentioned in the Policy and the actual location on the server is correct.

  • Edit the script and check the destination location of the script exists.

  • You should have enough space on the drive where output is pointed.

  • Try to run the script manually to validate if it runs.

  • If you get a Pop Window, once you run the script manually like “Windows server backup software” is not installed on Windows, then install the feature from Server Manager.