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Phoenix Backup Store OS throws the nfsd:blocked for more than 120 seconds error

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Problem description

This error is observed on the Phoenix Backup Store OS, if the file system consistency check (fsck) is not run after the reboot. fsck is a system utility used for checking the consistency of a file system on UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux. It can be run automatically at boot time, or manually by the system administrator. It runs when the following conditions are detected:

  • A file system is marked as ‘dirty’ where its written state is inconsistent with data that was scheduled to be written, or,
  • A file system has been mounted a certain number of times without being checked.


This error occurs on the Phoenix Backup Store OS when the file system consistency check (fsck) is not run after the reboot.


Info:  task nfsd: <Number> blocked for more than 120 seconds.



  1. If you suspect any file system errors, the simplest way to force the fsck filesystem check on a root partition is to create an empty file called forcefsck in the partition’s root directory using the following command:
    touch /forcefsck
  2. Reboot the server.
  3. Once reboot is done, fsck will run automatically to check any system errors.
  4. Administrator can take the necessary actions.