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Unable to start the NFS server on Phoenix Backup Store

This error can occur if the NFS server cannot find the backup mount path on the Phoenix Backup Store.


Check if the backup mount path is present in the /etc/exports file. If the path is missing, add the path to the backup mount in the /etc/exports file manually.

Unable to start the Phoenix Backup Store service

This issue can occur due to multiple reasons.


  • If the NFS service is not running, start the NFS service.
  • For other issues, contact Druva Support.

Disabled a disconnected Phoenix Backup Store but the Phoenix Backup Store is in "waiting to disable" state.

This happens when the Druva Cloud waits for the Phoenix Backup Store to get connected so that it can disable it. However, if the Phoenix Backup Store is decommissioned or there is no way it can connect to the Druva Cloud, it stays in the waiting to disable state on the Phoenix Management Console.


  • Re-register the Phoenix Backup Store
  • Contact Druva Support to get it disabled on the Phoenix Management Console

Replaced an old Phoenix Backup Store with a new Phoenix Backup Store and then disabled the new Phoenix Backup Store. However, it didn't get disabled and it is in "waiting to disable" state.

This happens when the PhoenixBackupStore service is still running on the old Phoenix Backup Store.


Contact Druva Support to disable the new Phoenix Backup Store and stop the PhoenixBackupStore service on the old Phoenix Backup Store. For more information, see prerequisites to re-registering a Phoenix Backup Store.

Unable to deploy a Phoenix Backup Store on a VMware setup.

The Phoenix Backup Store deployment fails when the MD5 checksum of the downloaded OVA package does not match with the MD5 checksum of the package mentioned on the downloads page. This can occur if there was a problem with the download. 


Ensure that the MD5 checksum of the downloaded OVA package matches with the MD5 checksum on the downloads page before deploying the Phoenix Backup Store OVA package. The MD5 checksum is mentioned below the Phoenix Backup Store package.


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