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Druva Documentation

Avoiding third party/anti-virus interference with Hybrid Workloads Agent


Antivirus or third-party encryption programs may sometimes lock actively used files or folders of other applications. Specifically, anti-virus programs are known to lock files while running a real-time or on-access scan.

If any such third party application locks Hybrid Workloads agent application files or folders that contain configuration or logs, it may result in the corruption or unexpected behavior. Hence, it is highly recommended to add exclusions for Hybrid Workloads agent application and configuration paths.

Installation and configuration data paths of Phoenix Cloud

  • C:\ProgramData\Phoenix (Server 2008 and above)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Phoenix (Server 2003)
  • C:\Program Files\Druva\
  • C:\ProgramData\PhoenixCloudCache
  • C:\ProgramData\phoenixupgrade
  • Data Volume folder path that is configured in CloudCache for exclusion. For more information on Data Volume configuration, see Configure CloudCache page.

Application processes of Phoenix Cloud

  • Phoenix.exe
  • PhoenixCPHwnet64.exe (64-bit machines)
  • PhoenixCPHwnet.exe (32-bit machines)
  • PhoenixNASAgent.exe
  • PhoenixSQLAgent.exe
  • PhoenixCacheWorker.exe
  • Phoenix CacheServerSVC.exe
  • PhoenixFSAgent.exe
  • PhoenixNASBackupAgent.exe
  • PhoenixNASRestoreAgent.exe
  • PhoenixFSBackupAgent.exe
  • PhoenixFSRestoreAgent.exe
  • PhoenixFSSnapshot.exe
  • PhoenixNASDiscoveryAgent.exe
  • PhoenixActivate.exe
  • PhoenixHyperVAgent.exe
  • PhoenixHyperVControl.exe
  • PhoenixNASControl.exe
  • PhoenixSQLGuestPlugin.exe
  • PhoenixNasDicovery.exe
  • PhoenixCacheControl.exe
  • PhoenixCacheServer.exe
  • PhoenixSQLDownloader.exe
  • PhoenixSQLUploader.exe
  • HybridWorkloadsAgent.exe
  • HybridWorkloadsAgentApp.exe
  • HybridWorkloadsCheck.exe
  • scanner-cli.exe
  • PhoenixOtelPipeline.exe
  • PhoenixIRService
  • PhoenixIRFS
  • PhoenixIRAgent
  • guestossvc.exe