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SQL differential backup runs as full due to backup start time mismatch

This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

SQL Differential Backup running as Full due to Backup start time mismatch error.


In each differential backup, Phoenix matches the current (system) database backup start time v/s the saved database backup start time (Phoenix metadata, saved with last full backup). If there is a mismatch, Phoenix converts it to full.

This mismatch occurs in one of the following cases:

  • There is a third-party backup or MS-SQL native backup (non-Phoenix backup) running on the Server .
  • The database was deleted and a new database was created with the same name on the instance.
    Where instance name : ABCNODE-02:
    DB name : PAF


[2019-03-19 01:00:44,970] [INFO] [Tid:<_MainThread(MainThread, started 10196)>] Backup start time mismatch for [ABCNODE-02:PAF] found 
[2019-03-19 01:00:44,970] [INFO] [Tid:<_MainThread(MainThread, started 10196)>] Backup start time mismatch found, converting to full 


Disable any third-arty backups running on the MS-SQL DB.

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