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SQL Transaction Log backup succeeds with errors

This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix Cloud
  • Feature category: SQL

Problem description

SQL log backup succeeds with errors when the backup of the log files of a few DBs got skipped. The log chain of the DBs that were skipped from backup appears broken.


A third-party or native SQL log backup running on the server may have caused the log chain to break.


<Line 702: [2018-06-17 07:38:08,638] [INFO] roboSyncer: Sending log to Phoenix server with message : 'Could not backup log files for 12 DBs, WH-RPT02\ProjectQuoting, WH-RPT02\LFAudit_3EDocuments, WH-RPT02\3EDocuments, WH-RPT02\SSISDB, WH-RPT02\3EWorkFlow, WH-RPT02\ReportServer, WH-RPT02\Insite, WH-RPT02\ProjectQuoting_Test, WH-RPT02\WebTracksSQL, WH-RPT02\Helpdesk, WH-RPT02\ReportServerTempDB, WH-RPT02\InforDB 

Line 552: [2018-06-17 07:37:57,923] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:Helpdesk 
Line 559: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,065] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:ProjectQuoting_Test 
Line 563: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,171] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:3EWorkFlow 
Line 566: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,272] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:SSISDB 
Line 569: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,404] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:Insite 
Line 572: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,477] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:InforDB 
Line 574: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,584] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:ReportServerTempDB 
Line 579: [2018-06-17 07:37:58,713] [INFO] Log chain broken: WH-RPT02:ReportServer


Disable or remove the third-party SQL log backup and initiate a manual backup from the Phoenix Management Console for the affected SQL instance (backup set). The subsequent transaction log backups must complete successfully.