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App aware backups complete with required field username not provided (not @optional) error

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This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

App aware backups complete successfully with “Required field "username" not provided (not @optional)” errors.


This issue occurs if app aware backup is triggered for a Virtual Machine which does not have credentials assigned to it from the credential store.


  1. Follow the instructions provided in the link below to obtain job logs.
    Download the job logs

  2. Extract the logs and go to Phoenix<YYYYMMDD>_<timestamp>.log file to see the below traceback in the logs

    [2019-10-29 15:54:52,543] [ERROR] Error <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>:Required field "username" not provided (not @optional). Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "agents/vmware/", line 2418, in init_backup
      File "agents/vmware/", line 44, in __init__
      File "pyVmomi/", line 513, in __init__
      File "pyVmomi/", line 532, in __setattr__
      File "pyVmomi/", line 901, in CheckField
    TypeError: Required field "username" not provided (not @optional


Assign credentials to the Virtual Machine for app aware backups to run successfully. Make sure credentials are mapped to this VM from the credential store.



Once the changes are done, again trigger the backup job and it should complete successfully.

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