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How to create a one-time backup set for infinite retention in Phoenix

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This article describes how to configure a backup policy to create a one-time backup job and retain the backup set infinitely.

Setup infinite retention

  1. Register and activate the server (if required) for which you need to create a one-time backup and retain the backup set infinitely.
  2. Create a new backup set for this server. In the Backup Policy section, click Create New Backup Policy.
  3. In the Create New Backup Policy window, in the Retention settings tab, enter 99999 in all the fields as illustrated:

infinite retention.png

Setting 99999 as the retention period for all snapshots retains the backup set infinitely.

Note: The most recent restore point for any workload is retained infinitely by default. If you back up a server just once, its backup set will be retained infinitely irrespective of the specified retention period. To delete the most recent snapshot, you will need to delete the backup set itself. 

Create a one-time backup set

Once the backup job is successful, disable the backup set. See Disable and enable backup of backup set for more details.

The steps above create a one-time backup job whose backup set is retained infinitely.


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