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Backup completes with successful with error but the logs show the PHOENIX23 error

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Problem description

The File system backup completes successfully with error, however,  the logs show the PHOENIX23 error. Windows defender quarantines a good file (.htm) as malicious and reports the OS error in the Windows Event Viewer.


Windows Defender scans the File System and quarantines a few good files such as .htm, which is a file format used for containing HTML language for constructing a Web page. When Phoenix reads the file for backups, Windows Defender does not allow to read the file and reports the following error in Windows Event Viewer:

Event Viewer:

Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.


  1. Scan the file with another Antivirus software to ensure that the file is good and not malicious. Once confirmed, add the files to the Exclusions list of Windows Defender that you want to exclude from the scan. Or,
  2. Disable the Windows Defender scan. Servers most likely might have a paid scanning software and the above-mentioned error is specific to Windows Defender. We recommend you to discuss with the Security team before making the changes.