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Oracle DTC Database discovery failure alerts received after Oracle server upgrade


Problem description

Oracle Database discovery failure alerts are received post Oracle server upgrade


During discovery Oracle agent scans all OracleHome locations. After Oracle upgrade there will be multiple OracleHome directories on the server


/var/log/PhoenixOracle/main_oracle_service.log shows 

level=info ts=2023-07-18T03:00:36.782654824-05:00 filename=shallowdiscovery.go:45 message="Instance Info" InstanceSID=TestDB OracleHome=/sw/19.0.0/dbhome_1 OracleUser=oracle DBName=Test IsRac=false
level=warn ts=2023-07-18T03:00:41.651124726-05:00 filename=deepdiscovery.go:200 message="Failed to do DEEP discovery of database." OracleSid=TestDB OracleHome=/sw/12201/db DbExists=true


  1. As can be seen in above traceback database TestDB is listed under two OracleHome directories
  2. Where /sw/12201/db is the old OracleHome path for version 12c and /sw/19.0.0/dbhome_1  is the new OracleHome path for version 19
  3. In order to exclude the old OracleHome path from discovery, edit  the /etc/PhoenixOracle/Phoenix.yml file and add the below entry EXCLUDE_ORACLE_HOME_FROM_DISCOVERY: ["/sw/12201/db"] 
  4. Restart the service on the server 
    systemctl restart PhoenixOracle
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