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Instant restore failed with error, unable to create datastore VMWARE GOVMOMI4

Problem Description

This issue occurs when a user tries to initiate an Instant restore and it fails with unable to create a datastore.


ESXI host is unable to resolve the Cloud Cache FQDN/hostname.


level=error ts=2022-03-24T13:03:25.557436288-04:00 filename=iragent.go:221 message="Error in creation of Datastore"

level=error ts=2022-03-24T13:03:25.557545321-04:00 stack="ServerFaultCode: An error occurred during host configuration.

On the vSphere console, the task section shows the below error:


Update the DNS settings or alternatively update Cloud Cache FQDN and name on Phoenix console with IP address and re-try the instant restore job.