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Internal Error while updating the Oracle home location in database parameter in Oracle DTC

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Problem description

  • Whenever the Oracle home path is changed in the oracle environment (due to patching or upgrade of the Oracle version) and discovery has already run, in this case, 2 databases appear on the UI with the same db name but a different Oracle home path. One database will be in not configured state and the other will be in a configured state.
  • In this scenario, an Internal Error occurred when attempting to change the Oracle home path of the configured database. This error is preventing the update of the ora_home path on the UI.

2023-12-09 23_04_08-Public _ Phoenix _ Oracle DTC-Internal Error while updating the Oracle home loca.png


 This is because the newly discovered database is holding that path.


  • Delete the newly discovered database from the UI (make sure to delete the correct entry as both the entries have the same name) The entry will be in an unconfigured state.
  • Update the new Oracle home path under the old configured db parameters
  • (Optional) Add the parameter EXCLUDE_ORACLE_HOME_FROM_DISCOVERY in the Phoenix Oracle agent config file(How to edit config file) OR remove the entry from oratab file
  • the example below: (Just replace /home/oracle/oracle_install with the correct path to EXCLUDE) like this:
  • EXCLUDE_ORACLE_HOME_FROM_DISCOVERY: ["/home/oracle/oracle_install"]
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