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App aware T-Log backup job fails with exit code VMware24

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Problem description

App aware T-Log backup job fails with exit code VMware24 and gives the message as Skipped all TL backup in this attempt.


This error can occur if all the user databases that are part of the backup are in the Simple recovery mode.


  1. Follow the instructions to obtain the job logs. 

  2. Extract the logs and access the Phoenix-SQL-<YYYYMMDD>_<timestamp>_sqlguestplugin.log file to determine if it has the following traceback.  Check the value of the 'recovery model' parameter. If the value of the recovery model is 3, it indicates that the database is in Simple Recovery model. And, if the value of the recovery model is 1, it indicates that the database is in Full recovery model.

[2020-03-18 10:38:00,641] [DEBUG] params of log name= [InstanceName][DBNAME]

[2020-03-18 10:38:00,641] [DEBUG] Prev DB DETAILS {u'comp_level': 100, u'create_date': u'2019-06-27 12:22:05.657000', u'backup_start_time': u'2020-03-18 10:21:54', u'timestamp': u'CAAAAIKGdf7L/NUB', u'backupset_details': {u'backup_set_id': 5818, u'last_lsn': 1258000001221200001L, u'checkpoint_lsn': 1258000001219500037L, u'backup_start_date': 1584498114.0, u'time_zone': 32, u'first_lsn': 1258000001219500037L, u'backup_end_date': 1584498116.0, u'backup_size': 5906944, u'type': u'D', u'database_backup_lsn': 1258000001216500037L}, u'file_map': {u'6d230eb428daf844062965a3bedf6b11a8bf0279': , u'311bdc46d81cfdc7bc3cf76dcbfc81b101652057': }, u'pit_start_time': None, u'recovery_model': 3, u'first_log': True, u'full_bkp_end_time': 1584498116.0, u'pit_end_time': None, u'is_log_chain_broken': False, u'id': 6, 'stream_map': {'4a86110826d3dbb386d1f3692d33c90d17070b50': {}}}

[2020-03-18 10:38:00,641] [DEBUG] LogBackupHelper: Inside __get_last_backup_type_from_metadata prev_db_details are present, getting backup type from prev_db_details, backup type D

[2020-03-18 10:38:00,642] [INFO] Skipping log backup for simple recovery mode db or master db for any mode: INSTANCENAME, DBNAME


For the T-Log backups to be successful, change the recovery model of the database to full recovery. Refer to the article to change the recovery model.

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