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Share backups on Linux NAS proxy fail with error PHOENIX265

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Problem description

Share backups on Linux NAS proxy fail with error PHOENIX265


The user account that mounts the shares on the NAS proxy server does not have read-write permissions.


Mounting NAS Share" FQDN=<IP Address> Share=/volume1/Phoenix

level=info ts=2020-02-11T19:20:28.210509876-08:00 filename=backup_agent.go:459 message="Mounting NAS Share" FQDN=<IP Address> Share=/volume1/Phoenix

level=error ts=2020-02-11T19:20:28.212562195-08:00 filename=mount_unix.go:100 message="Unable to Unmount network path." path=/mnt/NAS/mountpoint/10_volume1_Phoenix -Main_806

level=error ts=2020-02-11T19:20:28.219293994-08:00 filename=mount_unix.go:80 message="Unable to mount network path." path=/mnt/NAS/mountpoint/10_volume1_Phoenix -Main_806 message="m

Errored - mount.nfs:access denied by server while mounting <IP Address>:/ Phoenix


Give read-write permissions to the user over the NAS share or, execute the following commands to unmount and mount the share on the NAS proxy server.

  1. Shares are mounted under /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/
    Example /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/<mount name>
  2. Unmount the share
    # umount /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/<mount name>
  3. If the issue persists, mount the share on a different folder.
  4. Mount the share on a different folder
    # mkdir /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/<mount name># mount -t nfs <IP Address>:/volume1/phoenix  /var/Phoenix/NAS/mountpoint/<mount name>

If you are using a NetApp NAS device, perform the following additional steps: