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How to configure SP and iDP initiated SSO for users and admin under one Druva instance using OKTA as an IDP

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Currently with standard Druva 2.0 App in OKTA we are able to configure SSO for User and Admin either SP initiated or IdP Initiated 

This article describes the steps to configure SP and IdP initiated SSO for Druva Cloud Platform ( DCP ) using OKTA as an IdP.


Steps :

  1. Log in to the OKTA Admin center and click Application in the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Click on Create App Integration and select SAML 2.0

  3. Give a name to App as Druva Users and click on Next, under General SAML Settings enter below details.

  4. Enter the Single Sign On URL :

  5. In Entity ID : DCP-login

  6. Default Relay state can either be browserrestore or deviceactivate

  7. Name ID format = EmailAddress

  8. Application Username = Okta username

  9. Under Attribute Statements :

 10. Click on Next and Finish


11. Once changes are saved, go to  SAML signing Certificates under Sign On Tab

12. Look for the Certificate type SHA-1 which is Scoped for your entire Org.

13. Click on Actions >> Activate.


Similarly create SAML app for Admins and enter the details

For Admin app, you can Keep relay state blank or enter adminlogin


Once both the apps are created, configure DCP with below settings.

  1. Go to the Druva users app

  2. Click on Sign On and then on View SAML Setup instructions

  3. Copy the IdP URL and Certificate and paste in DCP

  4. Save the configuration in Druva


In OKTA Assign the Apps to users and you should be able to perform IdP and SP initiated SSO for both users and Admins.

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