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‘INVALID OR NULL FOR RESTRICTED PICKLIST' error is thrown when the destination doesn't have the currency type added

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Problem description

While we do the Data Restore of the Pricebook entries, if the currency is not created at the destination it will give an error “INVALID_OR_NULL_FOR_RESTRICTED_PICKLIST”.


While doing the restore of the object “Pricebookentry”, it basically just links the product and the price book. And it basically identifies the price of the particular product.


It can be in any currency depending upon the currency that the source org has. If the source org has multiple currencies, there will be one entry per product per currency. For example, one pricebook entry for US dollars, one for INR.


So whenever we restore these pricebook entries we don’t automatically restore the currency at the destination. As a manual step we have to create the currencies whatever we need at the destination and then perform actual restore.




Kindly create the currencies you need at the destination org.

  1. Click on “Setup”. Type “Company Information” in the Quick find and click on it.


  1. Click on the “Edit” button and search for “Currency Settings”.


  1. Check the checkbox “Activate Multiple Currencies” and click on “Save”.

  2. After Clicking on save you will be able to see the “Currency Setup” button at the top of the screen. Click on that button.


  1. You will go to the “Setup” page, there you search for “Active Currencies” and click on “New” and add the currencies you need (multiple currencies).


Kindly add the currency details here and click on “Save”.

You will be able to see another currency added. In that way you can add multiple currencies.

  1. Please make sure both the Org Source and Destination should have the same currencies added in the “Company Setup”.

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