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Protect Salesforce Data (Version 1.0)

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The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Druva Account Manager or Druva Support.


Salesforce integration with inSync ensures backup, recovery, and protection of Salesforce data. Once integrated, Salesforce administrators get an independent access to a unified data protection platform to back up, archive, manage, and view the data availability from the Salesforce UI. Moreover, inSync and Salesforce administrators can work independently without having to switch between inSync and Salesforce UIs.

Integrating Salesforce with inSync presents the following benefits:

  • Object Level Backup and Restore
    • Time-indexed snapshots
    • Direct access and visibility of Salesforce data down to the object level, including custom objects from third-party applications
    • Bulk download and restore
    • Data granularity for review, comparison, and restore
  • Complete Metadata Backup and Restore
    • Bulk and selective download and restore of Salesforce metadata
    • Granular view of metadata items for review, comparison, and selective download and restore
  • Dedicated Salesforce Dashboard:
    • Single view directly from within Salesforce (inSync App for Salesforce) for administrators to manage backup policies
    • Object level restore
    • Configuration of alerts as needed

inSync supports unlimited retention of data backed up from Salesforce. Since inSync does not apply any compaction policies on Salesforce backups, the data can reside permanently on Druva Cloud storage and remain available for restore and download.

inSync Cloud administrator can configure different Salesforce organizations (orgs), as listed in the Supported Cloud Apps Editions, for backup in the inSync Management Console. Salesforce App is automatically installed for the configured organizations in the Salesforce environment. Salesforce administrators can access the Salesforce App from the app menu or from the app launcher.

Using Salesforce App, Salesforce administrators can

  • Manually back up the Salesforce data
  • Restore data selectively or in bulk
  • Download data selectively or in bulk
  • Restore to a different org (cross-org restore)
  • Restore specific records using a CSV file

For information on using the Salesforce App, see inSync App for Salesforce.


Configuring inSync to backup your Salesforce data involves:

  1. Register Salesforce organization in inSync Management Console.
    It involves the following,
    1. Grant inSync permissions to access Salesforce data.
    2. Install Salesforce App in your Salesforce environment. 
  2. Configure the registered Salesforce organization and make it ready for the first backup.
  3. Configure and enable Salesforce Backup Failed alert to receive notification for failed Salesforce backups. For more information, see Configure Alert Settings.
  4. After you register and configure Salesforce organization in inSync,  use Salesforce App to backup, restore, and download your Salesforce data.  For more information, see Use inSync App for Salesforce.

Note: You can configure a Salesforce organization for backup using a Salesforce administrator with System Administrator profile only.

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