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View last backup details of users on legal hold

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Check the details of the latest backup data for users on Legal Hold

Any and every bit of data is important when a Legal Hold is in process. You would want to periodically check if the data of the custodians are being backed up as configured. The Collection Stream tab helps you gain a quick insight into the custodians' data collected for that Legal Hold.

The Collection Stream tab lists all the data sources of all the custodians who are on Legal Hold and also displays details related to backup activity on the device in a single sortable view. You can also filter the data sources by the custodian name. 

View last backup details of all user data sources

  1. Click the  icon to access the Global Navigation Panel and click Data Governance > eDiscovery. The Legal Holds page opens and displays all the Legal Hold policies.
  2. Click the Legal Hold policy of the user placed on legal hold.
  3. Click the Collection Stream tab. 
    A detailed list of data sources is displayed of all custodians who are associated with that Legal Hold.

The list displays the following information:

Column Name Description
Data Source The name of the data source.
Status Shows whether the device is Enabled or Disabled.
Custodian The name of the custodian associated with the data source.
Collection Type How the data was collected. 
Last Completed Collection Date and time of the last backup from each data source.
Total Collected Data Size of the data backed up till the last backup.
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