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Salesforce configuration FAQs

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When does the Salesforce Account List page display the Confirm package installation link?

When you register a Salesforce organization on the inSync Management Console, the inSync for Salesforce package is installed inside the Salesforce organization. If Salesforce takes a long time to install the package, the inSync instance may time out by the time the package gets installed. In this case, inSync Management Console does not receive the package installation notification and hence, displays the Confirm package installation link. If you have received the email confirmation from Salesforce about the package installation, you can click the link to manually confirm the package installation from the console. Subsequently, you can set the daily API quota, backup frequency, and storage for the Salesforce organization. See How to configure inSync with Salesforce for more information.

 What if I click the Confirm package installation link without the email confirmation?

The confirmation about package installation fails and the Salesforce Account List page displays the following message:

Salesforce package not installed, please try again later.

Does inSync back up the chatter messages or files from Salesforce?

No. inSync does not support the backup of chatter messages and files shared on the registered Salesforce account.

How to decide the Daily API quota while configuring the Salesforce Organization?

  inSync consumes APIs while performing the backup of objects from your Salesforce organization. As a Salesforce administrator, you must be aware of the daily API usage limit set for your organization by Salesforce. Typically, the API limit is set based on the criticality of the applications that you use in Salesforce and the size of data your organization generates on a daily basis. inSync for Salesforce utilizes maximum APIs during its first backup. Since subsequent backups are incremental, minimal APIs are consumed and hence, the API quota can be reset accordingly.

Druva recommends that you calculate the data generation in your environment before you configure the API quota.

You must specify an appropriate number of API calls that inSync must consume while backing up objects from your Salesforce organization. Here is a guideline on the number of API calls, that inSync consumes while performing Salesforce objects backup.

Initial or first backup

inSync uses bulk APIs for first backup

  • 1 API call for every 400 records
  • 2 API calls for each attachment
Incremental backup
  • 1 API call for every 200 to 1000  records*
  • 2 API calls for each attachment

*Depends on the number of fields in each record and size of the record.

By default, 15000 API calls are configured for use for daily backups. inSync stops back up of Salesforce objects after it consumes the specified number of API calls.

How are APIs consumed during backups and can we change the API quota as required?

inSync consumes APIs based on the size of the backup data and the criticality of the Salesforce applications. Hence, more APIs are consumed during the first or initial backups as compared to the incremental backups that are performed later. See How to decide the Daily API quota while configuring the Salesforce Organization? for the guidelines on calculating the API quota. You can change the API quota later as required. See Edit configuration of a Salesforce Organization for the procedure to change the API quota limit.

Can I change the storage assigned to the Salesforce account?

No. This is a one-time configuration. Hence, storage must be assigned very carefully when you configure a Salesforce account.

How many objects are displayed on a single page of the Download tab of Salesforce App?

The Download tab of the Salesforce App lists a maximum of 100 objects on a single page in alphabetical order. If the list of objects runs into multiple pages, you can switch between pages using the left and right pagination arrows at the bottom of the page.

Can I access the metadata of the Salesforce backup?

inSync stores the metadata of each snapshot along with the backup. The metadata folder is available for download along with other Salesforce objects from the Download tab of the app.

Can I set alerts if my Salesforce backup fails?

You can set alerts for backup failure alerts and track them on the inSync Management Console. See Enable alerts for Salesforce organization status changes for more information.

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