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Create and manage profiles

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A profile is a set of configurations that are applied to a set of users. Using profiles, you can define generic backup configuration parameters that are automatically applied to all the users that belong to that profile. You can create an unlimited number of profiles in inSync. You can create a new profile or create a copy of an existing profile and later modify its properties. Profiles ensure easy management of users because you no longer need to manage individual users. Using profiles, you can manage the following properties:

Backup User Abilities Others
  • Data sources - SaaS Apps & Devices
  • User quota
  • Backup folders
  • Backup schedule
  • Bandwidth consumed and CPU utilized during backup
  • Data retention policy
  • Add devices
  • Define the backup folders
  • Define the backup schedule
  • Modify the bandwidth consumed and CPU priority for backups
  • Pause backups
  • Stop administrators from accessing user data
  • Maximum users that a profile can have
  • Maximum number of devices per user
  • User login through Active Directory
  • inSync system tray icon and desktop notifications
  • Data loss prevention policies
  • Data share policies
  • Auto-delete inactive devices  
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